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Comment survivre à un festival de musique en plein air ?

Festival season is a highlight for many music enthusiasts, providing the opportunity to behold live performances from their favourite artists and discover new ones in a large, open, community atmosphere. However, attending a music festival is no walk in the park. With the unpredictable weather, crowded spaces, high-energy performances, and lack of everyday comforts, it can be challenging to sustain the enthusiasm over several days. Here are some guidelines on how to keep your festival experience enjoyable and endure the trials that come along.

Preparation is Key

In the world of outdoor music festivals, that old saying « failing to plan is planning to fail » is painfully true. This goes beyond just knowing the lineup and schedule. Firstly, check out the festival’s official website. Most outdoor festivals post important information regarding the venue, rules and regulations, and tips to help you enjoy your experience fully. Don’t forget to take a good look at the festival map as well, noting stages where your favourite bands will perform and other facilities such as washrooms, food stalls, and medical tents.

Being physically fit can also make a significant difference. Festival days are long days. You might end up walking (or dancing) up to 10 miles in a day. So, consider building up your fitness levels before the festival to ensure you’re up to all that dancing and running between stages.

Pack Smart

When it comes to packing, strike a fine balance between overpacking and underpacking. It’s advisable to pack light to make moving between different festival areas easier. However, remember that an outdoor festival often means exposure to various weather elements. Thus, essentials like sunscreen, reusable water bottle, compact rain gear, a blanket, a hat, and some layers for chilly nights are indispensable.

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Don’t forget hygiene essentials like hand sanitiser, wet wipes, and toilet paper. Also, consider packing some healthy snacks to keep you energised throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated and Fuelled

Under the hot sun, dancing away your worries to your favourite tune, it’s easy to forget regular intake of water. Dehydration could sneak up on you, causing you to miss out on all the fun due to dizziness and fatigue. Have a reusable water bottle with you and keep refilling it at the water stations.

Similarly, eat regular meals to maintain your energy levels. Festival food can be exciting, but having your own supply of wholesome snacks like nuts, fruits, and granola bars can efficiently keep your hunger pangs at bay and maintain steady energy levels.

Protect Your Hearing

Music festivals are loud, and damaged hearing is irreversible. It’s essential to protect your ears without compromising on the festival experience. Quality earplugs designed for concerts reduce noise levels evenly, maintain the sound quality, and protect your hearing.

Look Out for Yourself and Others

Part of the festival experience is the sense of community that develops among the attendees. It’s essential to take care of your safety and well-being, and extend the same consideration to those around you. If you have friends with you, designate a meeting point in case you get separated. If you notice anyone in trouble, alert festival staff or medical personnel.

A festival should be a remarkable experience to remember fondly, not a test of your survival skills. But the reality is that being unprepared can derail your thrill. With some forethought and careful planning, you can keep yourself comfortable, healthy, and leave with nothing but positive memories of your experience.

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